LRC LMBTA92 NPN型小功率晶体管
NPN 型小功率晶体管 / NPN Low Power Transistor LRC LMBTA92 ● 产品特点 : 高耐压 、 符合 ROHS 规范 Features : High voltage. ;RoHS Compliant. ● 应用范围:应用于电话或专业通信设备、作为视频输出彩色C RT、 其他高电压的应用程序 ; Application:

 NPN型小功率晶体管 / NPN Low  Power Transistor                             LRC  LMBTA92
产品特点 高耐压符合ROHS规范
    Features:   High voltage. ;RoHS Compliant.
    Application:  This device is designed for application as a video output todrive color CRT and other high voltage applications
For Telephony or Professional communication equipment applicationsS- Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site andControl Change Requirements; AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable
  The Main Parameters(Tc=25℃)
参数 符号 额定值 单位        
Parameter Symbol    Value Unit        
集电极-基极击穿电压 Vcbo -300 V   Bitmap
Collector-base Voltage        
集电极-发射极击穿电压 Vceo -300 V        
Collector-Emitter Voltage        
发射极-基极击穿电压 Vebo -5 V        
Emitter-base Voltage        
集电极电流 Ic -0.5 A        
Collector Current        
集电极耗散功率 Pc 0.625 W        
Total Power Dissipation        
最高工作温度 Tj 150   SOT-23
Junction Temperature  
贮存温度 Tstg -55~150        
Storage Temperature        
●电特性 (Tc=25℃)              
  Electrical Characteristics (Tc=25℃)